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This Wiki will house information related to the iPad in Education sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology in the School District of Palm Beach County.

Project Facilitators:

The iPad in Palm Beach County Schools

All district purchased iPads should be on the SDPBC Wireless Network. If your iPad is not on the SDPBC Network, go to this site from the iPad and install the profile from there. You must be located on SDPBC property and login with your district credentials.

iPad Implementation Planning Guide - Are you planning on purchasing multiple iPads? Have you already purchased iPads, and you are not sure what to do with them? This workbook will guide you through important questions. (Version 3.0 is the latest version. Right click and Save As for faster loading.)

Considering Purchasing an iPad? Explains purchasing and technical requirements/suggestions that are needed to implement an iPad into a classroom.

Which Device Should I Purchase?– Shares technical specifications of each device (Desktop, Laptop, iPad 2 comparison) and what applications will work on each device.

Protective cases for the iPad - Looking for a protective case for the iPad? There are no official district iPad cases. This page will share some of the better cases we have found.

App Store Volume Purchasing Program for Apple iOS Devices - This guide will explain the ASVPP Program, Program Roles, Voucher Purchases, ASVPP Workflows, and How to Keep Track of Purchases. (Version 3.0 is the latest version. Right click and Save As for faster loading.)

Adding the iPad to Destiny Library Manager - All District purchased iPads MUST be added to Destiny Library Manager for the school that purchases them. Devices should then be checked out just as other A/V equipment and books are checked out. Teacher devices should be allowed to go home. Adults are allowed to continue to use the iPad over holiday breaks (including Summer Break) pending Administrative Approval.

Setting up the Bretford PowerSync Cart (A How-To Guide) - This document will walk you through step-by-step on how to set up a Bretford PowerSync Cart for multiple iPads. (Version 1.0 is the latest version. Right click and Save As for faster loading.)

iPad Compatibility with District Software and Apps - The iPad does not work with all district purchased software. This page will review district software and whether or not they work on the iPad.

Accessing School District Email on the iPad - This page will give you directions on how to get your District Email on your iPad through the native Mail App.

Great General Resources - This page has general resources that are valuable for students, teachers, or even district personnel. They do not fit in any other category on the wiki.

Media Coverage - This page will house all information (including videos) of media coverage of the iPad in Palm Beach County. Please add comments to the main wiki page or the media coverage page if you know of other media coverages we do not have listed.

iPad Research - Information on research studies from all over the world.

iPad Learning Tours - This page will list all of the iPad Learning Tours and resources for the School District.

Applications (Apps)

Volume Purchasing Sign-up Information - Schools planning to purchase Apps for multiple devices will find important information here.
A video on How to Buy Apps in the ASVPP Store is available here or by clicking on the above link.

Online Training Videos/Resources

Technical Resources

Updating to iOS 5.x - Apple recently released a major software update for the iPad. This page explains an easy way to update multiple devices using a Mac.

iOS 5 Education Deployment Guide - A deployment guide from Apple's website that helps guide an iPad Deployment using the current iOS.

Please visit our sister site eMobilize, a group of 5 classrooms implementing a Hybrid Cart Solution. Each cart contains 10 MacBooks and 22 iPads.

"Technology has been completely transparent to the Net Gen. 'It doesn't exist. It's like the air,' said Coco Conn, cofounder of the Web-based Cityspace project. MIT's Dr. Idit Harel, a professor of epistemology, agreed: 'For the kids, it's like using a pencil. Parents don't talk about pencils, they talk about writing. And kids don't talk about technology—they talk about playing, building a Web site, writing a friend, about the rain forest. . .To them, technology is like the air,'" (Don Tapscott, Grown Up Digital)

WPBF News Channel 25's Class Act story on Terry McMahon's Classroom.